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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cat Au Pair

So I had to go out of town on a business trip for work, and Brad is alone with the cats. He wanted to get an au pair to come in to take care of them because he is not the person who usually does that, I am. Oh, le me throw in now that I am writng this from my phone so I appologize for any typos now. Anyway, Brad wanted to get this au pair because he is afrad that one of them will barf and he will have to clean it up. He usually just pretends it isn't there and goes around it until I clean it up. Except when they barf on his bankets in the middle of the night, of course. Which they have done twice.

So my biggest fear is that I will comehome to a housw with dried barf piles everywhere. Hopefully not.

I talked to Brad after I landed (I am in Baltimore) and he said that they were crazy this morning. I had to leave super early so I didn't feed them (left that for Brad) andmy guess is that it confused them. He also said that when he went to fill the dry cat food bowl he wasn't paying attention and he ended up filling it with cat litter (I really don't get how that happened). He said that when he tried to get the bowl to empty it he jhad trouble because it was swarming with cats. But he got it away and was able to give them food instead. What a dork.

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