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Monday, September 8, 2008

Virgil the Giant

So Virgil went for his first kitten shots on Saturday, and we discussed his snurfleyness (like having a sniffle but to a larger degree). He is on an antibiotic now because they think it is probably an upper respiratory infection, which is both bad, because I don't want him sick, but good because that means he is probably not allergic to me or the other cats. This weekend we finished kittenproofing the stairs and so he is now allowed to run around the house while we sleep and while we are out. Of course, last night he still slept next to my head, so I don't really think it holds the thrill I thougt it would. He has doubled in size and is now up to 2 pounds, which makes sense since he has also doubled in age since we got him. He is a lot taller and longer then he was. He still has ears that curl under at the tips though - I hope he doesn't out grow that. I have a few new pictures which I will be posting later today. I was doing some computer work this weekend (my laptop's hard drive is full so I had to get an external drive and move a bunch of stuff, including all my pictures - I couldn't even upload any more it was that full) so I didn't get a chance to post anything. Hopefully I can get some more pics of Virgil carrying stuff around - he is so quick it is hard to do but if I can it is super funny to see.

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