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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Toys in the Corner

So for some reason when Virgil plays with his toys he always ends up shoving them into the corner. Either the corner by the front door or the corner by the stairs (which is really a corner made by a wall and a shelf). I haven't figured out why but he plays with them, they end up in the corner, and then he leaves them there. Sometimes he goes back and gets them out but usually unless someone else moves them they just stay there.

The other thing I have noticed is he likes to play with garbage - specificaly straw wrappers, safety plastic seals (you know like the piece of plastic around the top of a bottle that you remove so you can get to the cap) and plastic cups (the tiny 3 oz kind you would keep in the bathroom). I honestly think his favorite is straw wrappers - he carries them around the house all the time. He is also a big fan of anything with a bell in it - especially at night when the humans and big cats are trying to sleep.

His other favorite "toy" is his siblings tails, and boy oh boy do they HATE that. Kirzon is at the point where if Virgil even walks near him he growls. I think he fears attack. The only time they all get along is when they are waiting for me to feed them. When they are waiting in the kitchen together they get along fine.

So I had to edit this to add that Virgil also loves socks - especially dirty socks. Lately I have been finding my socks everywhere around the house. In fact yesterday when I got home from work Virgil came bouncing down the stairs with a sock that is almost as big as he is in his mouth. I don't understand how he gets around without tripping on them, but then I guess Floyd does the same thing with his sweater. Although I have seen Floyd step on his sweater and not be able to walk forward, and it usually takes him a few minutes to figure out why. But it is still weird to me to find these socks all over the house. I guess it could be worse. It could be Brad's dirty socks (eeeeewwww).

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