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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Am Leaning Towards Devil

So this has been Virgil's first week of total freedom in the house (meaning we didn't separate him from the others in the bedroom while we were at work), and here is a list of the trouble he has gotten into:

1. He broke the bracelet I had made the day before by knocking it off the table (where he shouldn't have been in the first place) on to the tile floor.

2. Various other things are on the floor that were knocked off of various tables he shouldn't have been on (lucklily none of those broke).

3. He managed to move a bunch of stuff (shoes, boxes, clothes) all over the house - don't know how but I am sort of impressed that he was that strong and determined.

Ok, I have to add in here that Floyd has been known to try and take the blanket (king sized) off the bed with him because it is one of his favorite fabric items to suck on.

4. All the cat food dishes that are left out in the morning (the cats usually aren't finished by the time I leave for work so I leave them down on the floor for them) are strewn about the entire kitchen. If you look through the old posts you can see how I usually have them all together in one area but he gets them all over - I think he slides on the floor when he is running and trying to stop.

5. At the same time he has managed to dump the full water bowl over not once but twice - he is a maniac!

There are some things he hasn't done which I was afraid he might do. They are:

1. Use the floor as a litterbox

2. Chew through any wires or chew on wires and pull something down (like the TV)

3. Destroy the curtains or pull them down (which I can totally see happening because the brackets are not well attached - I know, because I put them up).

4. Get stuck somewhere

5. Get hurt or hurt any of the other cats (not on purpose but he does have those tiny sharp claws they have to deal with - I know, I am covered in scratches).

I am glad none of these have happened - I honestly worry all the time that he will get hurt, because he is tiny and he is quite a daredevil. A really bad daredevil who they wouldn't even hire at the worst fair in town, but a daredevil none the less. We closed off the upper set of stairs and the railings for those areas so that he couldn't get through (by accident while escaping a big cat or on purpose because it just seemed fun to him). It seems to be working. Once he is bigger we will take it down, because he had been using the stairs before when we are at home with no problem, I mainly worry he will see it as a convenient exit path if a big cat is chasing him. Although honestly the big cats only have a problem with him when he attacks first. The rest of the time the mostly either ignore him or look at him like he is insane.

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