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Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy Fur!!

So the cats are crazy lately. Virgil has finally learned to get on the bed (once he learned the stairs we set up a set of boxes to act like stairs next to the bed) and now he sleeps there at night. His earmites seem to have cleared up because he doesn't have any gunk in them anymore. He is getting brave enough to go up to the big cats when they are eating to try and take some of their food. And he keeps trying to eat it when they aren't there too - I keep picking him up and showing him his kitten food but he just goes right back to the cat food. He has been kind of sniffly and sneezy the past day or so and I think it is because he keeps inhaling his food - no matter what I do he gets it up his nose. Anyway, I will post some more pictures in a few. The problem is that with the older cats they mostly just lay around so there aren't too many exciting pictures of them to post at the moment.

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